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Direct Advantages of a Direct Hire

Recently, we explored the benefits of hiring temporary employees, particularly within professional fields that they’re not typically associated with, such as sales, marketing, HR, legal, and finance to name a few. These temp professionals are ideal for seasonal crests in business and special projects – as is the case with all temps. Despite that fact, however, there is a trend in parts of North America where employers are hiring temps for as long and as often as they can in the belief that doing so will save them money in the long run (because the recruitment agencies they shoulder the costs of vacation pay, insurance, and more). What these employers are not not taking into account is the financial impact that frequent searches, onboarding, training, and motivational issues can have over time (some of which is discussed in our article on hiring the wrong person for the job).

Temps, particularly those in professional fields, often choose the temping lifestyle because it fulfills their desire for flexibility and variety. Hence, even if you bring aboard, as a temp, one of the sharpest accountants or legal advisors you’ve ever met, if they’re not interested in becoming a permanent employee, (a.k.a., direct hire) they’re probably not going to be your perpetual temporary employee either.

The following are the primary advantages of a direct hire over a temporary one, particularly when it comes to your everyday operations:

  • Ambition
    Ambition is a major factor in productivity. Those who feel they’ll be rewarded for doing a good job tend to perform better. Among some temps, their goal is to be hired on as a permanent resource. But if they know there’s no room for them, or if there a professional tem who simply doesn’t want to become a direct hire, there’s always a risk – even though they should be doing their very best regardless – that the knowledge they will be moving on could translate into little more than on-par performance. But it’s those who will go above and beyond that drive businesses forward in the long run. And of course, for someone to give it their all over a long period of time, you’re better off investing in a permanent employee.
  • Values
    Every organization has its core values, which guide the professional behaviour of everyone throughout the org chart, right to the CEO. A direct hire is more likely to take these values to heart because, as a permanent resource, they have a solid, vested interest in living up to the organization’s expectations.
  • Idiosyncratic knowledge
    The longer an employee is with your organization, the more they learn about the ins and outs of your business. From intra-office dynamics to peculiarities within your industry, a direct hire is far more likely to learn and adapt accordingly, not just because they’re around long term, but also because the faith that they will be around long term motivates them to learn these things and retain them.
  • Loyalty
    Never underestimate the emotional impact that working somewhere for a long time can have. Be it the people, the pride that they’ve contributed to an organization’s success, or a combination of both, a direct hire is more likely to develop a level of devotion that inspires them to go beyond the call of duty.
  • Flexibility
    While many temps get into temping because of the flexibility it offers them in terms of their personal lives and professional exploration, permanent employees offer another form of flexibility. When someone is brought on as a direct hire, they’re already thinking about long-term devotion. That means they’ll be more willing to accept new responsibilities to prove themselves, and will view such professional development opportunities as rewards for a job well done. Although you may have the best temp you could ask for, they aren’t as likely to jump at such opportunities. Plus, there may be some contractual issues with your recruitment agency around just how much you can ask their temp to do versus your own permanent employees.

Temporary and permanent employees each have their advantages. A common misconception is that perpetually hiring temps means saving money. But a direct hire brings with them a variety of attributes that make businesses more productive – and profitable – in the long run. However, if you have a temp that you feel is not only open to becoming a permanent member of your team, but would definitely be a valuable addition, remember to ask your recruitment agency about their temp-to-perm policy.

If you need assistance finding the best temporary or permanent placements in finance or other professional fields, feel free to reach out to our teams at Adecco Finance and Adecco Professional. When you do, remember to also ask about our temp-to-perm options.

If you’re located in Western Canada, please contact our team at Holloway Schulz & Partners.

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