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Career Apps of the Month – August 2014

Someone checking career apps on their smartphone

Improve your employability anywhere, anytime thanks to the following featured apps! Inexpensive and easy to use, these apps make for some of the smartest downloads on your smartphone – and your career.



Are you looking for a super simple and convenient app to help you remember tasks? Look no further than Due! There’s no account setup, no need to prioritize, tag, or even categorize your tasks. This app allows you to set short-term reminders and timers in seconds, which is perfect for any busy professional. You’ll never miss a reminder with the app’s auto-snooze feature and you can easily keep track of outstanding tasks. Change of plans? Rescheduling is just a matter of a tap. Due is truly a must-have in your app library! (Source:

    • Compatibility: iOS
    • Cost: FREE


Do you have a series of goals that you wish to achieve? Sometimes it can be difficult to take action or even measure your progress. Lift is an app that helps you reach your goals by offering a variety of motivational tools! You can create custom goals, record and analyze your progress with the app’s check-in system, and stay motivated with peer coaching, encouragement from friends, and optional reminders. Whether you want to stay on top of your fitness goals, improve a skill, or manage your work projects more effectively, this app allows you to build positive habits around any goal! (Source:

    • Compatibility: iOS and Android
    • Cost: FREE
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