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Win4Youth 2014 – Estelle’s August Update

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August 1 – The countdown begins! At the end of this month, I and 86 colleagues will be Climbing for Life for Win4Youth. And oh boy, it’s exactly a week too that I didn’t get any cycling in. Yikes! Raining and an ultra busy work schedule…Aside from mental training, I decided to run today.

August 2 – Oh no, I woke up with a sore throat. I am not sure if it’s too much talking and laughing with friends that arrived last night from Atlanta and San Francisco. Rekindling fun times going back some 25 years. Good thing I have a scheduled massage. Sleeping early tonight and hope for the best.

August 3 – Focus, focus, focus! I am supposed to go with my friends to Montreal this long weekend but decided to train and put in some work hours. Sacrifices and tons of discipline. With Jason Berman (hello!!!) not responding to my messages, I decided to go on my own. 56-km ride, some hills, not bad. After, I decided to get both my city and road bike a well-deserved tuneup. Ended my day with yoga using my city bike for another 10 km. Living downtown, I rarely use my car, cycling or walking/running is the way. 66 kms for Win4Youth!Estelle Millado

August 4 – Hmmm, I wanted to go for a long ride, so I thought I’d go for flat, long heart rate down ride. Yep, did 85 km, and the same route yesterday –only did it twice. Oh man, my legs are like rubber today. What satisfaction and adrenaline that hit me. I will sleep well tonight.

August 5 – Taking a break. Each time I take a break I panic, but then again, my body is telling me to do so. Am I an exercise freak? Probably, as I did an 8 km run and Hatha yoga today.

August 6 – Another yoga day!

August 7 – I haven’t ridden downtown for a while, so I thought of just going for a flat ride, perhaps for 2 hours. Man, after navigating all the potholes, traffic, pedestrians, and construction, finally I am at Humber Bridge. I am trying to find the route that we did 2 years ago for Win4Youth, but not so lucky, and it seems like I am going around in circles. So I decided to go back to my old eastern route. Busier but familiar….pffffftttt! Flat tire and only 21 kms in…..Grrrrr. Out come my tools and spare tire…..Oh wait, I have my emergency money too that can be useful for a cab ride. Besides, I am planning for a long ride tomorrow so might as well get it fixed professionally. Good call, Estelle, good call ☺

August 8 – I can’t believe I woke up with a flat tire after bringing it to the shop. Grrrrrr, so back again to the shop. Apparently, one of the spokes was penetrating, so Kirk (the bike repair guy) double taped it. I must be hanging around this bike shop too much as we are now on a first name basis. Needless to say, because of lack of time again, I only managed 25 kms today. Carol Gilchrist would not stop calling me ☺ hahaha. Tomorrow is another day, although my trainer, Jason Berman backed out on me!!!

August 9 – All by myself….I was literally singing out loud. I decided I am going for a long ride today on my own. High school friends left today too. So literally, singing that song. Way too much adrenaline today as I was fully rested. I am ready for this ride. I checked and double checked my route. Combination of some hills and flats. Got 3 gels, a power bar, a banana, and 2 bottles of water mixed with electrolytes. Off I go…I hummed (Moon River, as always). I sang few songs, including Celebration, Super Freak, That’s The Way I like It, I Believe I CEstelle's Pic 1 - Augustan Fly, and few more, and last but not least I WILL SURVIVE. I spoke to myself, I asked myself, I responded to myself, found the answers, waved at fellow cyclists, motorists, runners, farmers, anything to entertain myself…After 4 hrs, 36 minutes, and 5 seconds, I am done! 112 kilometers for Win4Youth!!!

August 10 – I woke up and thought I should keep these legs moving, at least for a slow flat ride. So I thought why not try riding downtown navigating construction barriers, potholes, train tracks….and so I fell! My tire got caught on train track! Grrr after checking and making sure that everything is fine, I continued riding for 40 km. It is give and take, Harbourfront riding is just an awesome view after you survive the treacherous obstacles. Now I am tired and hungry that I can eat like horse! And I did. Don’t even ask.

August 11 – This journal helps me track my work-out/sports activities. I realized I haven’t taken a break for 8 days. Seriously, I am taking one today. Sophie Barnacle, another exercise nut, once (or many times) said to me that I should give my body a break at least once a week, AND yoga is not considered a rest day. Mind you, she works out twice a day! Yep, that’s our life outside work. On a daily basis, we talk about how we tortured ourselves the day before. Sometimes she can’t even walk, dragging her feet as she focused on her leg workout. Other times, or most of the time lately, I am dragging my legs from all the pedaling. I think it’s a good healthy choice, though. I think it’s unsaid between us, but she inspires me! And TO BE HONEST, she inspires me with her eating habits too. I hope I inspire her too. If I can inspire even just ONE colleague to stay fit, then it feels like I have represented myself well as an ambassador. Join the club! It will give you a natural high! You will even hear yourself humming ☺Estelle's Pic 2 - August

August 12 – Weather is not cooperating today, so I thought of joining the ultra spinning class, which lasts 1.5 hours. I haven’t been in this class for three months or longer as I prefer riding outside. But I must say it is intimidating walking into a class with a core group of cyclists. Here I am wearing my runners as my cycling cleats are only for road bike pedals. Carrying my gym bag, 5 minutes late, and unassuming, I hopped into a bike in the corner of the room. The class today is focused on pushing your limits. 20 minutes in, the instructor approached me and ask if I understood her instructions about RPM and Watts. I was like, I think I do. In my mind, What does she mean by that? That challenged me! So every time she gave instructions, I’d give it a bit of an extra push. An hour and 10 minutes later, three-quarters of the class left . I finished the class with 6 other people and then she recognized me: Oh, you are the one training for Tourmalet. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you. You should attend the class again. I thanked her and went for my yoga class. Namaste.

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  1. angela #

    Estelle, you are a rock star – I love your blogs (makes me tired just reading it) but man am I proud of you! Xo


    August 22, 2014

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