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New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: – Officially at the Finish Line!

Hello friends! If you’re out of the loop on what has happened during my internship, please read my previous entries!

Today is August 7, 2014 and tomorrow is my last day with Adecco Canada. I can’t believe 12 weeks went by in the blink of an eye! Things here have been busier than ever before. In my last two weeks with Adecco, I had the opportunity to work with the collections team. This is not your typical collections department with lots of phone activity; rather, the work is heavily analytical, and detail-oriented. I was trained by Catherine McDonald and she was an amazing trainer, taking the time to show me all the intricate steps to fulfill an invoice. I had the chance to learn how to use ADP, an automatic data processing system, where we invoice our clients to get paid for the job done by Adecco’s associates. Learning how to use ADP was certainly challenging at first with all the different fields to fill out, but after a few practice invoices, I was ready to go on my own. Within a week, I was given monthly invoices to complete, which was not the easiest thing to do, but it sure was rewarding at the end seeing how much money I helped the team collect.

Johnny Wu with Marylynn Dalgety, Adecco Canada's Collections Manager

Johnny Wu with Marylynn Dalgety, Adecco Canada’s Credits and Collections Manager

Everyone on the collections team is super nice and supportive. I really enjoyed working with them because we really connected heart to heart. Marylynn Dalgety, Credits and Collections Manager, is a sweetheart and I am very happy she asked me to help out the team. This was a valuable experience for me and I never knew I was good at work like this!

Never forget the big picture

Having been with the marketing team since the beginning of my internship, I will always think twice when I see an advertisement, job description, website, or social media feed. There is always a purpose behind how and why things are designed and ultimately what value it can bring to an organization. I learn the meaning of “value” and how difficult it is to create engaging and valuable content. I have done A LOT of research for the marketing team. At first I wasn’t quite sure if I was being helpful, but stepping back and seeing the bigger picture, you realize how important proper research really is. Thanks to Ken Graham, Director of Training and Professional Services, I had the chance to learn advanced sourcing techniques on Google and other search engines – it really came in handy for my research projects.

Everything I have learned here is extremely valuable to a recruiting/staffing position, and I had the chance to have a 360 experience in learning how everything works. From market research to training and HR to collecting funds from clients, this was definitely not a typical internship.

What’s next for Johnny Wu?

Johnny's kitchen table

Johnny’s new kitchen table.

At the moment, I’m planning on taking a week off from work because I recently moved to downtown Toronto. Thankfully, I have many wonderful close friends and colleagues in my life that helped me through this. At the moment, Adecco Canada is looking to hire permanent recruitment consultants. If this blog has inspired you to explore a career in the employment industry, you should connect with them! I really enjoyed working here and once things settle down, I look forward to starting the next chapter of my career!

New Year, New You, and New HOME! Goodbye for now, but not forever.

~ Johnny Wu

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