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New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: Week 8 – So Much to Do and So Little Time!

Hello friends!

It is officially the start of Week Eight with Adecco Canada, and this week things are starting off with a bang! Aside from writing this blog, I’ve got several projects to wrap up: summer infographic research; sourcing potential catering for the annual Win4Youth event; Twitter research for Roevin; and creating a LinkedIn profile template for the Sales team to use across Canada. Although there’s quite a bit to accomplish, I am truly grateful to be in such a supportive environment. And speaking of supportive I can’t think of anyone else who is as generous, smart, and assiduous than Jhanelle Bent, Marketing Coordinator.

Throughout my internship experience, Jhanelle has been instrumental to my success. From showing and guiding me through the hefty Adecco marketing standard guidelines to helping me troubleshoot PowerPoint presentations, Jhanelle has a wide range of knowledge and it’s rare for her not know the answer to a question.

Johnny with the info and Jhanelle with graph(ics)

One of the current projects I am working on with Jhanelle is developing a summer infographic. Spearheading the research component for this project, I was responsible for finding specific stats and summer employment trends. From reading news articles to extensive economic peer-review journals – research is truly an art form. One of the most interesting reads that came up in my research was Toronto Vital Signs. Overall, the research was challenging because it was difficult to find the most up-to-date information, but once I did, it was very satisfying – like the feeling of relieving your thirst on a hot summer day with a glass of peach ice tea.  Now, having completed the research component, Jhanelle will handle the graphics. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Johnny Wu and Jhanelle Bent

Johnny Wu, New You, New You 2014 Internship Winner with Jhanelle Bent, Adecco Canada’s Marketing Coordinator.

Job seekers and the future

With a highly competitive job market and the economy slowly climbing out of recession, finding work, especially when you’re a recent college or university graduate, can be hard. Doing all this employment-related research and working closely with recruiters has opened my eyes to the reality of individuals actively looking for work. Having personally spoken to individuals in my age range about their struggles to find employment, here’s my advice: be creative to stand out from the rest. Put yourself in the hiring manager or recruiter’s shoes. Having to read and process over 50 to 100 resumes can be quite repetitive and tiring, so why not make your resume more appealing to the eye by creating a PowerPoint version of it or a short text-and-picture video? (Find helpful links below). Although these methods are time consuming to execute, isn’t it worth it knowing that you tried your best to showcase yourself for the job you really want? I believe this will be a trend and, as a matter of fact, job seekers are already doing it! Check out Visual Resume or Adecco’s own Resu-ME!

What I want to accomplish before I leave!

With only 21 days left (or 15 business days), I am really looking forward to not only finishing all the projects assigned to me, but also fulfilling my goal of developing video content for Adecco Canada. I find creating and developing video content so much fun that I lose track of time. If you’re like me and love to create video content but perhaps don’t have a high-end camera or state of the art computer/software, here are a few options: and PowToon are two websites I recommend (and will likely be using for my Adecco video project!). Both websites have simple, user-friendly interfaces, and with little effort you can be making videos for social or business reasons. If you ever wondered how I made the video that won me this internship, I used

I’ll be in touch soon, so stay tuned!

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