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Contest: The Adecco Experience – Enter Today!

Looking to beef up your resume and take the next step on your career path? Click the button below to apply to a one-month paid internship at one of Canada’s most exciting companies! And when you do, you’ll be able to apply to become the CEO of the global Adecco Group for one full month in Zurich, Switzerland! It’s all part of our Way to Work TM initiative aimed at combating youth unemployment.

Apply Here!

Under the mentorship of CEO Patrick De Maeseneire, you’ll learn firsthand how to run a Fortune 500 company employing 31,000 people worldwide. Did we mention that part is paid, too?

Apply by June 12, 2014 for your chance at the ultimate Adecco experience!

PLEASE NOTE: On the Way to WorkTM site, the original deadline of May 31st has yet to be corrected.

For more details, click here.

About Way to WorkTM

At Adecco, we believe that work is a fundamental right because it provides people with a sense of belonging and purpose. This belief lies at the heart of our motto, “better work, better life”, and is the foundation of everything we do. Through free coaching workshops and much more, we’re sharing valuable information, such as where the jobs are around the world, hard and soft skills development tips, and temporary employment opportunities that could lead to permanent career paths. Our goal is to help young people unlock their potential and take that first step into the world of work.

To learn more about Way to WorkTM, click here.

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