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A World of Employment Agencies: Infographic

The International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Ciett), which consists of 49 national federations of private employment agencies along with eight of the largest ones in the world, including Adecco, recently published its 2014 economic report, shining a light on the role that employment agencies play in the world economy.

Among their many findings, Ciett points out that when an economy is in recovery, emerging employment opportunities tend to be jobs made available via employment agencies. In fact, fluctuations in agency work occur in tandem with changes in GDP. Ciett also uncovered that companies do not in fact hire employment agencies to substitute for permanent positions in a slow economy. Rather, employment agencies allow companies the flexibility they require during the initial stages of economic improvement. These findings are potentially good news for Canada since, despite having a comparatively small number of employment agencies (750), we have one of the fastest-growing employment agency markets in the world.

The infographic below distills even more of the most interesting findings in Ciett’s report relevant to Canadian employers and job seekers.

Employment Agencies Infographic

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