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Career Apps of the Month – March 2014

Someone checking career apps on their smartphone

Improve your employability anywhere, anytime thanks to the following featured apps! Inexpensive and easy to use, these apps make for some of the smartest downloads on your smartphone – and your career.


Need help organizing your do-to list and staying productive? Check out Any.DO. This popular app is an innovative yet simple life-planning tool that helps you organize tasks throughout the day. Whether you have to remember to pick up your dry cleaning, pay your bills, or prepare for an upcoming meeting at work, this app will help you remember the things that matter most to you. With its sync feature for Google Chrome, you can easily synchronize your tasks from your mobile phone directly to your work or personal computer. This app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

  • Cost: FREE


Resume Builder Pro and Resume Ready Pro

Are you entering the workforce for the first time or switching careers into a new industry? Do you need to create a new resume but find it time consuming to build a professional-looking layout from scratch? Resume Builder Pro can help! Using innovative PDF-rendering technology, this app allows you to instantly create, save, export, and email your resume from your iPhone or iPad. You can also easily create a resume based on your Linkedin profile. Looking for a similar app that is specially designed for Android devices? Check out Resume Ready Pro. This app is a multi-resume managing tool that allows you to build several resumes for different positions and re-order sections seamlessly.

  • Cost for Resume Builder Pro: $3.99
  • Cost for Resume Ready Pro: $3.87
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