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Win4Youth 2014 – Ready, Set, Blog!

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As discussed in our last Win4Youth blog post, Adecco colleagues, associates, and clients all around the world will be cycling throughout 2014 with the goal of covering a whopping 2,000,000 kilometres in support of youth foundations. It all comes to a head later this year when 74 Adecco colleagues tackle the Col du Tourmalet, a mountain pass deep within the French Pyrénées. Until then, Adecco Canada’s two Win4Youth athletic ambassadors, Jackie Burrows and Estelle Millado, will document their journey as they train for dominance in this upcoming test of both body and mind.

Jackie Burrows – 1st Blog Post

Jackie BurrowsI am so thrilled and excited that I’ve been selected to represent Adecco as of one of two Ambassadors for Win4Youth 2014.

As you may have already read, there were a few reasons why I decided to throw my hat in the ring for this privileged role. Well, I can’ tell you the total truth, but here goes the closest to the truth as I can manage.

I am very honestly so passionate about the Win4Youth program. Since its inception, I have been proud of the commitment Adecco has made towards helping our youth on a global scale. To work for an organization that would put such an effort towards this tells me that we really do have ♥.

At Adecco, since 2010, we have made a huge difference in many lives by supporting wonderful charities worldwide through Win4Youth and all it takes is for us to push ourselves to take that step, or cycle.

Another reason I’m putting myself out there this year is that it’s my 20th year with Adecco! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my career with Adecco than by participating in the Climb for Life Charity Ride with 74 Adecco Ambassadors and 2,500 participants from all over the world where we will climb the famous uphill leg of the Tour de France (Col Du Tourmalet). Now… I have to tell you, I am not an avid cyclist by any stretch, but I have over the years been known to enjoy sports of all kinds and have always had a passion for exercise, eating well, and being somewhat adventurous! I am so pumped! But, to be honest, also a bit nervous as my fellow Canadian counterpart might totally kick my butt!!!

When the announcement became official early Thursday morning, I called my 10 year old daughter over and said “Brooke, I’m officially selected. There’s my picture on this communication.”

She squeezed me and said “I’m so happy for you mommy!” There was a pause, “but… I’m also sad that you will be leaving.”

I said, “But Brooke, it will only be for a few days. You know, I really want you to only be happy for me and not make me feel guilty, ok? This is a once in a lifetime chance for me to do something really crazy – and for such a good cause.”

She said, “Ok, I will only be happy for you!” and off she went on her day. And I on mine, feeling like a million bucks!

Now, down to the serious stuff. The climb looks absolutely daunting and insane! I only just viewed the mountain and previewed a few videos of the final event and OMG! That’s ok, I will be alright! Right now my focus is on building up my stamina and strength so I will feel confident come event day on Aug 30th and make it a memorable and proud day for my Adecco fellow colleagues, family, friends, and myself (Oh, and hopefully stay on the heels of Estelle – she’s a true athlete!!)

Estelle Millado – 1st Blog Post

Estelle MilladoThe moment 2014 kicked in I was already thinking; “hmmmm…what will this year’s event of choice be for Win4Youth?”

As my head office colleagues know (as well as some just beyond our doors), I am a sports fanatic! Anything “sports” – be it a marathon, decathlon, triathlon, I’m in! However, my nerves always get in the way when I start thinking about these events. But this year I said to myself: “I am just going to do it and apply to be an Ambassador!”

As I wrote my Statement of Motivation, it really hit me … Wow! This is not just a fun, healthy experience, but it is also making a difference in our communities for our youth which makes it special and important. After completing tons of paperwork and undergoing a full medical test, here I am: extremely excited to be one of the Win4Youth Ambassadors chosen to represent Adecco Canada.

I am committed to train hard and promote Win4Youth to the best of my abilities. I know it won’t be easy, but the diligence, dedication, and determination I have will push me forward to bigger and better heights as I cycle the Alps Col du Tourmalet.

One leg, then the other, spinning, spinning, spinning. Every rotation of my tires will put me closer and closer to the pinnacle of my journey. I will then be able to stop, reflect and breathe a sigh of contentment knowing that I have just given to one of the great causes that fuels this annual occurrence.

Now, let’s start to pedal!

About Win4Youth

As part of the international Adecco Group, Adecco Canada participates every year in Win4Youth, a global sports initiative organized by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations around the world. This initiative sees Adecco colleagues, associates, and clients from around the world working together to raise kilometres in order to meet (or exceed) the annual target set by Adecco S.A. If the target is met, the Adecco Group donates money to a select number of foundations chosen for that year. Since the program began in 2010, it has become an important part of our corporate culture because it fosters two of our core values, responsibility and team spirit, while at the same time promoting an active lifestyle.

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  1. susana aguila #

    I’m so proud of you Estelle! Keep up the good work. I’m with you and I wish you the best and success to all your endeavours.


    March 28, 2014
  2. Rose Jereza #

    You are making us very proud. We have faith in you and we will be cheering you all the way. Best of luck Estelle – YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!


    April 1, 2014

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