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TempTalk with Randy Dyal

Letter box organized by workers of employment agencies

Having entered the field of mailroom management when he was just 18, Randy Dyal has overseen the smooth processing of incoming and outgoing mail for some of Canada’s largest companies, including banks, an engineering firm, a multinational document management corporation, and more. A member of the mailroom team for one of Adecco’s highest-profile clients, Randy recalls being hired by Adecco in 2009 thanks to Heather Eaton, Adecco’s Vice President of Partnership Service Delivery and Ontario East. “Essentially, the position I’ve taken on with Adecco matched my past experience,” says Randy. “Managing a mailroom is very transferable, and I think Heather was impressed with my knowledge of that environment, my knowledge of processes, and how I understood the importance of processes. Diligence is critical, and that’s something that I stressed in my interview.”

Diligence and initiative are just two of the keys to Randy’s success. Recalling the disarray the previous supplier had left the mailroom in, Randy looks back on his first day fondly rather than spitefully. “That was actually a great opportunity for my team,” he says. “There was a lot of opportunity for us to improve the place, and Adecco really trusted and empowered us to make good decisions that we felt were necessary. When we came in, it was extremely dirty, messy, and unorganized. We gutted the place, completely reorganized it, and were able to implement processes based on what we knew to expect.”

It’s the little things

When asked about the specific changes he and his team made, Randy says it was actually the little things that mattered. “The biggest improvements were actually in taking additional small steps, such as following up on completed projects as opposed to just completing a task and leaving it at that. We also documented our processes so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings or miscommunication.”

Randy notes that, elsewhere, his readiness to take the reins wouldn’t necessarily have been received with the same confidence that Adecco demonstrated. “Adecco understood that we were the ones who had to actually do the work. They respected that we had a unique exposure to and knowledge of mailroom environments – things that they may or may not have been aware of.” Reflecting on his previous experiences, he says, “In other jobs, I’ve had the ability to make suggestions, but there wasn’t that flexibility in terms of the actual operation itself. The voice that we have as Adecco associates goes a long way.”

Randy says that the most valuable lesson he’s learned going into his fifth year with Adecco is to take everything, even the little things, seriously. “From the most complex to the most minimal task, the same amount of effort and diligence is required. That’s why we’re so strong on processes here; regardless of what the requirement is, we always approach everything with the same beginning-middle-and-end process to ensure that the customer’s expectations are met.”

Randy also credits Adecco’s client for the great corporate culture he’s become a part of. “Here, the client is very receptive and understanding, and they appreciate the expertise that we provide to them.” Despite being an Adecco temporary employee, Randy says he feels just as much a part of the client’s team. “A lot of the time, they’ll say that we’re just as much as part of the team as they are. I’ve worked in a lot of environments where I’ve done customer service, and for the client to take the time to report back to my management that they really appreciate the job that I’ve done, that speaks volumes to the relationship that we have with them.”

In fact, relationship building is yet another quality that makes Randy an outstanding mailroom manager. “Working in a mailroom exposes you to every department, which is one of the reasons I love it. There are a lot of companies competing to operate a mailroom, and what sets Adecco apart are the relationships we have and the relationships we build. The key to doing that, I believe, is to take the initiative to get to know everybody by name – something as simple as that. A lot of people have commented on that; they really appreciate that we took the time to get to know them as people.”

The perks of professional liberty

Of course, working with Adecco doesn’t only provide Randy with the freedom to run the mailroom according to his own know-how; working with a temp agency in general also presents him with a level of professional liberty that a permanent position typically doesn’t. “If I ever needed some extra money, I could always go to Adecco and get additional hours perhaps at another location, which would also expose me to a different set of skills. That’s not something that’s always available to you as a permanent employee. I think there’s a sense of complacency after a while when you’re a permanent employee and are in one position for an extended amount of time. As a temp, with one phone call, I can expose myself to a different environment, different responsibilities, and new people.”

Randy underscores the need to take temp agency interviews as seriously as any other kind of job interview. “I think a common misconception about employment agencies is that you walk into a room, hand in a resume, and walk out. And that’s not the case at all. When you’re interviewing with an employment agency, regardless of what the position is – even if it’s not a specific position you’re interviewing for – you should definitely treat it as though you’re interviewing for a regular job – because you are. Adecco in particular is very thorough in terms of identifying what your skills are and what your capabilities are before they put you on site.”

Randy also emphasizes just how valuable the right placement can be. “The freedom and the flexibility would be the biggest benefits – those are the most important things that I can stress,” he says. “That, and to consider yourself part of the client’s team. Become familiar with the client’s requirements rather than thinking ‘I’m an agency employee,’ and creating a barrier between the two organizations. If you immerse yourself in what the customer wants, it makes everything else so much easier.”

When asked about how to take initiative without stepping on anyone’s toes, Randy says, “Don’t be afraid. There’s no such thing as a silly question. Obviously, in my experience, Adecco provided us with a certain level of freedom and support. I wouldn’t just walk into a place and make changes. I would do some brainstorming, document every suggestion that you might have, present them to your manager, and, as far as my experience is concerned, they’ll support the decisions that are in the best interest of everyone involved.”

About TempTalk

At Adecco, we take great pride in the accomplishments of the talented individuals we place on temporary assignments each day throughout Canada. And so, to acknowledge their great work and share their success stories, we are pleased to profile them in TempTalk – a series of interviews profiling Adecco’s brightest stars.

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