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No Horsing Around this Chinese New Year?

Chinese character resembling a horse in honour of Chinese New Year

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year; the year of the horse. It is believed that, for most, this year will be a time of prosperity. You might think this is especially true for those born in previous years of the horse – but, unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite. Unsure if that’s you? Here’s a quick reference:

Recent Years of the Horse

Start Date

End Date

January 30, 1930 February 16, 1931
February 15, 1942 February 4, 1943
February 3, 1954 February 23, 1955
January 21, 1966 February 8, 1967
February 7, 1978 January 27, 1979
January 27, 1990 February 14, 1991
February 12, 2002 January 31, 2003

Those born in the year of the horse are believed to be energetic and intelligent; however, they are also believed to be at odds with the reigning god for the year, the Tai Sui. So what’s the Tai Sui got against you? Well, it’s believed you’re also egocentric and hot-tempered. But hey, that’s the Tai Sui’s opinion. We prefer to say you’re confident and passionate.

Still, he’s the god, so maybe it’s best not to tempt fate. That means no major investments or events. Thinking you found the perfect tech startup to put money into? Wait. Getting married? What’s the rush? And what does this all mean for your career? Well, if you ask the Tai Sui – nicely – he might advise you get off your high horse, stick with your current job, and put those pesky ambitions out to pasture till 2015.

But what if wild horses couldn’t drag you away from the idea that this year is your year for change? Easy…Easy, now. We’re pretty sure we’ve got you covered. Check out our Career Advice section for tips on how you can show that Tai Sui neigh-sayer just how independent you really are.

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