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Careers in Demand for 2014

People standing on a bar graph representing rising and falling careers in demand

Just a few months ago, we wrote about the most valuable professional designations in Canada. Going into 2014, the picture has barely changed with careers in demand remaining much the same as last year due to enduring economic and demographic factors. For instance, Canada, like many countries in the Western World, has a large Baby Boomer population that for many years to come will require more and more medical and eldercare services, not to mention increased financial advisory and management. Likewise, our reliance on ever more sophisticated high tech equates to a cornucopia of IT opportunities, and Canada’s continued investment in the energy sector is a significant reason for the persistent need of skilled trades workers and engineers – although various types of engineers are in high demand throughout the country, not just in Western energy enterprises as is commonly believed.

The following are samples of some of the most sought-after roles within Canada’s healthiest sectors.


With healthcare spending expected to hit over $30 billion this year – a record high – it’s no wonder professions in that sector will remain in high demand. Some of the most desired roles for 2014 include:

  • Home care aides
  • Physicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Registered nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Medical technologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists and dental assistants


Engineers across the board, including mechanical, chemical, computer, electrical, civil, and software engineers, will continue to be in high demand. Work is particularly prevalent for software engineers who will find the most opportunities in BC, Ontario, and Quebec. In fact, some believe that engineers are primarily in high demand in Western Canada because of the booming energy sector, but there are plenty of opportunities for mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers in Toronto. And for Aerospace engineers, Montreal remains the hub.

Outside of engineering, some of the country’s most in-demand skilled trades workers include heavy machine operators, welders, and electricians.


According to Quebec-based data provider Wanted Analytics, about 40% of the most available IT jobs in Canada are helpdesk related. From technicians to analysts, these positions are all about providing others with the technical support they need to get their work done. Developers are also in high demand, including Java, PHP, UX UI, and mobile app developers. Other highly sought-after roles within IT include project managers, network administrators, database managers, software product managers, and program managers.


According to one of Canada’s leading job board websites, growth in the finance sector rose only 3% from 2012 to 2013, but it would appear that financial advisors specifically will defy that sluggish trend. Like the need for more healthcare workers, the need for more financial advisors is directly linked to the aging Baby Boomer population who, as more of them retire, will need help keeping their finances in order and making up for lost income. In fact, the financial challenges posed by the Boomer population are accumulating across North America, making cross-border financial advisors – those certified to help individuals who have accumulated assets both in Canada and the United States – particularly coveted for optimal tax and estate planning.

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  1. Gooday sir,
    My name is onwuegbule philip chinedu I am from Nigeria I am looking forward to work in Canada as Electrician in any field I find myself in to bost my carer.
    Here I am self employed as Electrician, I do handle contracts, ranging from different types of building. I am looking to perform more there.
    Onwuegbule Philip Chinedu.
    FHA Lugbe Airport Road, FCT Abuja, Nigeria.
    Tell: +2348162808038


    March 12, 2014
    • Hi Onwuegbule. Thanks for reaching out to us! If you are legally eligible to work in Canada, we welcome you to apply to any of our jobs that meet your criteria and/or experience by visiting our website at Are you looking for a job-sponsored opportunity to move to Canada? The reason we ask is because Adecco Canada does not offer job sponsorship opportunities at this time. We are only able to assist those who have arrived in Canada and are legally eligible to work here. For more information on job sponsorship and/or immigration to Canada, please visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at Good luck and please let us know if you need anything else!


      March 12, 2014

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