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TempTalk with Sébastien Allard and Joël Pellerin

Lost money being picked up by a temp

Adecco’s own dynamic duo

Sébastien Allard has been with Adecco for a year; his co-worker at a major Canadian museum, Joël Pellerin, has been with Adecco for two. Together, the two of them are proof not only that working as a temp provides access to fantastic opportunities, but also that employment agencies attract fantastic employees.

However, becoming a temp was not something either of them jumped into headfirst. They had their reservations at first. “It was my brother-in-law who went to an agency and got a full-time job,” says Joël. “A really well-paying job. I was a bit too proud to come to an agency and ask for a job. But he convinced me that it was the best thing to do because of all the contracts Adecco has, and that that would probably help me in my job search.”

Once he came into the local Adecco branch office, Joël says his impressions of what an employment agency is changed quickly. “When I first came in, I was impressed. It started off well and from then on, I never looked back. I’m not sorry I came in. I was offered a job and I’m very happy with it. My quality of life is a very different from what it was,” he says.

Sébastien says his eyes were similarly opened once he began his first temp job through Adecco. “I really loved my experience,” he says reminiscing on all that he has learned while on various work assignments. Likewise, Sébastien’s current role working in the retail boutique at the museum in question has also proven to be a learning experience beyond his expectations. “Working [at the museum] has really shown me a lot in terms of the business side of things,” he says.

Flexibility means felicity

Both Sébastien and Joël can’t speak highly enough of the flexibility that working as a temp offers them. “The flexibility of this job is pretty ideal for me,” notes Sébastien. Joel says it’s one of the best elements of working as a temp because it provides him with more downtime to spend with his family and to do other things that he couldn’t seem to find the time for prior to coming to Adecco. “Before, there were always last-minute meetings, and if someone called in sick, you had to stay later,” he says. “Now I have the flexibility of working different days and different times. Before, just getting to a doctor’s appointment or a dentist’s appointment on a weekday wasn’t always easy or even possible.”

Good Samaritans make good employees, and vice versa

What makes Sébastien and Joël Adecco’s dynamic duo is a recent incident involving two tourists from France and a bag of missing money. “I was at work in the museum boutique when a customer came to see me and explained that they’d found a bag of money on the floor,” recalls Joël. “We made sure everything was secure and that we had the right tools to find out where the money had come from.” The amount was around $3,800, and the two noted the importance of ensuring the identity of the owner of such a large sum.

“I called security who traced who the owner was,” says Joël. “With the help of security video, we could see when and where the couple dropped the money.” Of course, the French tourists were extremely happy to get their money back.

What Sébastien and Joël did also opened the museum management’s eyes to lost-and-found protocol. “They listened to what we had to say,” says Joel noting the need for a system to ensure that such a large sum of money should not simply be taken to a regular staff member. “The team at Adecco also came in and gave us a pat on the back,” says Joel.

Advice for those thinking of becoming a temp through an employment agency

Both Sébastien and Joël encourage others to set aside their preconceptions about being a temp and working for an employment agency, especially Adecco. “I would tell people to try it out,” says Joel. “You find better quality jobs than you do just looking through the newspapers. This job changed my opinion of employment agencies. They can provide a helping hand to find you a secure job that you want and that pays well.”

Sébastien seconds Joël’s sentiment. “I became more mature with this job. It has affected my employability too because now I have an open mind about everything that’s out there.”

When it comes to job interviews with recruiters, they also have some advice and reassurance. “Be yourself. Be open-minded and speak freely. There’s a job out there for you,” says Joël. “Don’t stress yourself out,” says Sébastien. “They’re there to help you. They’ll find the right place for you.”

“What really impresses me is the collaboration we have with Adecco,” says Joël. “It’s not just, ‘Here’s your job, thanks, and bye-bye.’ They’re always there to support you. We can talk to them and we don’t feel we have to hide things.”

“I’m really happy that I found this job,” says Sébastien. “It’s been a great experience. I have no regrets at all, and I’m happy where I am right now in my life.”

About TempTalk

At Adecco, we take great pride in the accomplishments of the talented individuals we place on temporary assignments each day throughout Canada. And so, to acknowledge their great work and share their success stories, we are pleased to profile them in TempTalk – a series of interviews profiling Adecco’s brightest stars.

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