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Top 3 Recruiter Recommendations

Employment agencies helping with interview

We recently asked several of Adecco’s veteran recruiters to spill the beans on what job seekers do well, do wrong, or don’t do at all during their interactions with employment agencies. From those candid discussions, we have boiled down their advice to present you with their top three tips – guaranteed to ensure you make a good impression, stand out from the crowd, and ace your job interview when you’re contacted by an employment agency.

  1. Come prepared

    When you’re meeting them for the first time, recruiters ask you to bring certain documentation, including your social insurance number. Not only will they tell you this over the phone, but they’ll also send out a detailed reminder email prior to your meeting to ensure you don’t forget anything. That’s why when a candidate shows up to their in-person job interview without all, or in some cases any, of the documentation requested, it’s an immediate red flag for the recruiter. Not arriving prepared, say our recruiters, indicates a lack of interest.

    Likewise, our recruiters emphasize that it’s important to come to a job interview – with a recruiter or a client – ready to ask your own questions because curiosity indicates interest. With that in mind, our recruiters say you shouldn’t worry if by the end of the job interview all of the questions you had have been answered; it just means that the interview was thorough.

  2. Mind your clothes and body language

    How you dress and the body language you use when meeting a recruiter speaks volumes about you as a candidate. Some candidates, perhaps mistakenly assuming a job interview with a recruiter isn’t as important as one with a hiring manager, show up dressed too casually. As our recruiters put it, although you can definitely overdo it with the cologne or perfume (so be cautious with the spritzing!), there’s no such thing as being overdressed.

    When it comes to body language, remember to give a firm handshake, maintain regular eye-contact, and make sure not to slouch or cross your arms. Our recruiters warn that if you’re too laid back, it looks like you don’t care about the opportunity. And in some instances, a firm handshake and steady eye-contact can be the difference between a good first impression and a bad one.

    Oh – and looking at your cellphone or smartphone during an interview: forget about it! Our recruiters say they can’t believe how often that happens during a job interview.

  3. Remember – it’s a competition

    All too often, say our recruiters, candidates seem to forget that a job interview with a recruiter at an employment agency is just as competitive as one with the hiring manager at any other company. Each day, recruiters pore over piles of resumes and conduct several interviews. With so many applicants to consider, they look for those who stand out both on paper and in person – and there are a lot of things you can do to give yourself an edge.

    Engaging with your recruiter is a major one, and there are several ways to do it. One recruiter recalls an interviewee asking her what it was like to attend the university she graduated from, even though they had never met before. Turns out, he had looked her up on LinkedIn prior to the job interview so that he could break the ice and make the interview more of a two-way conversation. Another recruiter remembers receiving a business card from a job seeker at a job fair. While she feels that business cards can at times be a stale method of getting attention, this one included a QR code that when scanned took her to the individual’s LinkedIn profile and his own IT website, bringing some originality to a common medium.

Added advice

When it comes to how job seekers should interact with employment agencies, our recruiters burst at the seams with advice. So in addition to the three main recommendations above, they advise that if you haven’t signed up for a LinkedIn account, do it – today. Having a LinkedIn account is now a sign of professionalism. In fact, our recruiters always provide the names – and anything else they know – of the people their candidates will be meeting with at a client’s office so that the candidates can look those people up on LinkedIn, learn more about them, and come to the job interview as prepared as possible.

Our recruiters also have a lot of advice specific to new grads looking to get that first full-time job right out of school. It’s important for new graduates to be flexible and most of all: apply, apply, apply! New grads should submit their resumes to as many positions as they think they can do. At the same time, they should use social media to follow specific companies and individuals they think they’d like to work for. New grads should also be open to accepting temporary work because temp positions can – and frequently do – turn into permanent ones. Even temping itself, on a consistent basis, can turn into an interesting and lucrative career.

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