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The Realities of Relocating for a New Job

A woman moves boxes as part of her job relocation

For many, the pursuit of a prosperous career eventually requires relocating to a new town, city, or even country. And as exciting as a new job opportunity might be, uprooting and starting a new life in an unfamiliar place is rarely ever a painless process. From saying so long to friends and family to physically moving your stuff into a new place, there is a lot to consider, so here are some tips that will help you settle into your new home more smoothly.

Never forget your finances

Moving is expensive, and not just because you have to haul all of your possessions into a new abode. It’s important to make sure you’ve got enough saved up for a deposit on that new residence and enough to cover expenses while you wait for your first paycheque. Remember, you may start during an awkward week, forcing you to wait longer than the regular pay period. You also have to consider the cost of living in your new location. Maybe you were offered more money than you currently make, but how much more will rent, a mortgage, taxes, bills, food, and transportation cost you versus what you’re currently paying? What’s the net gain?

Research the local job market

Obviously you applied to the right company at the right time for the right position, but what if the company hits stormy weather and has to downsize? What if you simply find that you don’t really like your new work environment? Before accepting a job in a faraway location, make sure you determine whether there are other job opportunities for you in and around that region. Thinking about the worst-case scenario may take some of the romance out of moving, but better safe than sorry.

Always step inside before you reside

Too often, people who are relocating will commit to living in an apartment or house even though they’ve only read about it and looked at some flattering pictures online. Unless you physically visit a place, you truly have no idea whether you’ll be happy there. Even if your move is fast approaching, it’s always worth taking a couple of days to actually visit potential dwellings before putting a deposit down on any.

Remember that there’s more to life than work

If you’re single and like to hit the bar or club scene on weekends, make sure to factor that into where you choose to live. Likewise, if you’re relocating as part of a young family, investigate which neighbourhoods will best suit that lifestyle by asking yourself the following questions: Where are the good schools? Where can the kids play? How far away are the stores we’ll need? Single or not, it’s also important to consider how your new location will cater to your interests. Use the internet to find out about clubs you could join, where the hottest nightlife is, and what the best restaurants are. The sooner you explore your new surroundings, the sooner you’ll meet new people, and the sooner you’ll feel at home.

Make sure it’s what you really want

After considering all of the above, the realities associated with relocating should start to sink in. It’s easy to get caught up in the adventurousness of moving to a new location to start a new job, but it’s not a decision that should be made lightly. Finances, the local job market, residences, opportunities to socialize, and neighbourhoods are all important elements you need to take a close look at before you leap.

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