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The Social Media Job Search Jungle & Facebook

Facebook is one combination of social media and job search

Many online job boards and recruiting agencies – including Adecco – have specially designed applications you can access through their Facebook pages. Any good job search should include Facebook as a resource, and that starts by “liking” the Facebook pages of the organizations you’re interested in working for as well as those of recruiters and job search aggregators. While you don’t necessarily have to “like” the pages to use their apps, “liking” them will populate your newsfeed with updates so that you can stay on top of new opportunities.

Check out Facebook’s new “Social Jobs App”

As of November 14, 2012, your Facebook job search can be even more streamlined. That’s because Facebook launched their own Social Jobs App, which on its first day alone featured 1.7 million job postings. Although this app has an American focus, it still features Adecco Canada listings because Work4Labs, a leader in Facebook recruiting technology and a content partner for the Social Jobs App, powers Adecco’s Work4Us app, allowing all of Adecco’s jobs to be searchable via the Social Jobs App.

Keep your privacy settings high

Remember that your Facebook profile may feature pictures and posts that don’t necessarily showcase your professionalism. That’s why it’s crucial to have your privacy settings at their highest. When employers and recruiters Google you – and they will – you don’t want them to come across anything that could tarnish your image, such as compromising pictures, derogatory remarks, and lewd jokes. In fact, it’s best to simply not post anything on the internet you don’t want a prospective employer to see.

Be wary of your Facebook “Cover Photos”

When it comes to Facebook’s relatively new “Cover Photo” feature, many people don’t realize that their cover photos are always public and cannot be made private. If you have a cover photo, make sure that it – and all of the photos in that album – are employer-friendly.

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