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Recruiting Top Talent for Small Businesses

Small business owner hiring someone

One of the most important elements of running a small business is putting together the right team of employees. While this is true for organizations of all sizes, it’s particularly pronounced at small businesses because employees on smaller teams inherently take on more responsibility and more directly affect both the culture and success of the company. Therefore, a lot relies on a small business owner’s ability to attract, recruit, and retain the best people.

Create core values

Building the right team starts by determining the kind of culture you want your company to have and what core values will help shape it. These core values should reflect your actual beliefs about what is important and fair, and they should be communicated, promoted, and demonstrated every day. Core values create a sense of team identity and serve as guidelines that everyone can follow to make better decisions. Everyone in the company should be able to answer the question, “In this kind of situation, what do people like us do?”

Streamline the hiring process

There is a vast difference between hiring the best candidate who applies to a position and hiring the best candidate in the market. As a small business owner, you’re often in a hurry, which makes it all too easy to rush through the selection process and choose a less-than-stellar candidate. That’s why many small business owners streamline their hiring by using a recruitment firm that can conduct interviews, screen candidates, check references, and even assist with onboarding. By enlisting the help of a recruitment firm, small business owners can find their ideal candidates while focusing on other pressing issues, such as training, employee relations, and other aspects of their businesses.

Manage talent to retain employees

Talent management is all about gathering information, analyzing career interests and business needs, identifying top talent and successes, and developing employees’ skills. Research shows that the biggest factor in retaining employees is for them to feel appreciated and trusted. Owners of small – and large – businesses should give employees the autonomy they need to solve problems and make good choices and recommendations. Micromanaging an employee’s every move can leave them feeling suffocated and eager to switch employers. However, if you provide training, conduct regular talent review meetings, and provide advancement opportunities to your best performers, your employees will feel connected to the company and its future. They will put in the extra effort to make the business a success and are more likely to stay with you even during difficult times.

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