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Separating Fact from Fiction on Resumes

As an employer, the most important thing you should know about reviewing resumes is how to see past the hype and uncover the truths that lie within. Resumes have long been regarded as worth little more than the paper they are printed on, but by learning how to decipher them, their value increases. Here’s what to look for – and what to look out for – when reviewing resumes:

  • Pay careful attention to functional resumes, which focus attention on major skills and specific accomplishments, but provide no chronological record of employment. Often, job seekers who use this type of resume are trying to hide gaps in employment.
  • Achievements featured on resumes are often embellished. Many candidates use dramatic action verbs, such as “managed,” “streamlined,” “achieved,” and more on their resumes. Examine them further during the interview process.
  • Beware of resume “fluff.” Too much detail about degrees, interests, and hobbies can mean that space is being filled up for lack of anything better to say.
  • Pursue candidates who communicate on their resumes that they understand companies exist to make money. These candidates make it a point to include accomplishments on their resumes that benefited their employers’ bottom lines.

These points emphasize just how much focus it takes to properly read a resume. Be sure to review resumes in small doses, reading only a few at a time. That way you won’t overload yourself and risk overlooking a potentially outstanding employee.

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