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Top 30 Employee Engagement Tips

Throughout the month of September, we’ve been sharing our Top 30 engagement tips and tricks on Twitter @AdeccoCanada.

See below for the complete list.

  1. Ask your employees how you are doing AND respond to their feedback.
  2. Invest in the growth and development of your leadership team throughout the year.
  3. Build employee recognition into your daily business practices.
  4. When communicating your values, communicate desired actions, not just the words.
  5. Incorporate your values into your recruitment and selection activity.
  6. Goal setting is an effective way to impact engagement. Set SMART goals and measure them throughout the year.
  7. Implement talent reviews as a best practice.
  8. Make career maps available to employees by posting them on your intranet.
  9. Communicate tough decisions and the reasons for them. Don’t hide information.
  10. Find opportunities to share wins and successes as a team.
  11. Say thank you for a job well done.
  12. During meetings, don’t just download information, ask for input and strategize with your team.
  13. Be flexible, trust employees and provide work/life balance opportunities.
  14. Give back and allow employees to give back. Incorporate charitable activity into your work environment.
  15. Tie incentive plans to key deliverables.
  16. Train employees so that they can leave. This will make them stay!
  17. Practice strengths based management. Celebrate people’s strengths, don’t focus on weaknesses.
  18. Have fun! Happy employees are productive employees.
  19. Promote from within. Provide opportunities to current employees first.
  20. Introduce new hires to key members of the team early, including Senior Leaders.
  21. Pay for employees’ professional association fees. This furthers their knowledge and professional development.
  22. Encourage employees to further their education by providing a tuition reimbursement program.
  23. Surprise! Commemorate successes with surprise celebrations.
  24. Stay in touch! Establish a way for senior leaders to have a direct line to the front line.
  25. Communicate the “why” of working at your company – even to current employees.
  26. Encourage friendships and employee networking opportunities.
  27. Share the company financials with every employee, regardless of level.
  28. Involve current employees in the recruitment process for new employees.
  29. Implement a Peer-to-Peer recognition program.
  30. Communicate, communicate, communicate – and when you think you have communicated enough, communicate more!

Adecco is proud to be recognized as one of Achiever’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces

Shari Angle, Vice President of Talent and Communications, says about this award, “What an honour to be acknowledged by Achievers as one of Canada’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces. Adecco has implemented programs and practices to foster strong engagement levels because ultimately it is our people who make all of the difference in our success. This award reaffirms that the efforts we make in this area are impactful and we are proud that they positively influence our colleagues’ contributions to Canadian commerce; changing lives by offering employment opportunities to job seekers and affecting business by offering effective workforce solutions. Thank you, Achievers, for this distinction.”

Click here to learn more.

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