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Marketing Yourself as a Creative Professional

The design and marketing business is as competitive as ever. Many work on a freelance and temporary basis and have the benefit of a flexible schedule – an outlet for their creativity and a means to continually hone their skills on new and exciting projects. With experience in the field comes the development of specializations. Once you have developed expertise in a particular area, you can use it to set yourself apart from others and land new assignments.

But what do you do if you are still honing in on your specialties? How can you build your career and remain successful in the competitive creative industry? The recruiters in Adecco’s creative division have some key insights you can use today in the hunt for your next exciting project.

Set yourself apart

Standing out in a crowd of people who all possess unique, creative and imaginative attributes is no easy task. Though the basic skills are standard for everyone, once you find your passion and build on your strengths, you can create a niche function for yourself that puts you at an advantage over your competitors.

Make your resume stand out and really think about what’s going into your portfolio. Be yourself in all aspects, especially during the interview process where you should really evaluate whether you’re a fit for the company or assignment. Maybe it’s a matter of dividing your portfolio into themes rather than putting it in chronological order – that way a potential employer can go right to a section that is most relevant to the work they are hiring for.


Typically, creative professionals are a tight-knit group, and it’s important to keep in touch with as many people as possible because any one of them has the potential to be your next employer! Get to know as many people as you can in your sector and make them aware of what you’ve done.

Be sure to approach every interaction with integrity, imagination, and detail-driven responsiveness, which will aid in maintaining career longevity. Check out professional organizations for designers and writers, and read publications related to the industry.

Keep in touch with other creative types

When you stay entrenched in the creative community, you are able to observe and absorb various types of techniques and trends. Try to attend portfolio reviews, gallery openings, lectures, classes, and readings. Do your best to remain a passionate participant in a thriving creative community, and you will be guaranteed success. Participate in discussions on relevant blogs, or even start your own. Share your work and critique others’ – it’s a great way to build relationships while also strengthening your skills.

Keep learning

The job or project that you work on is always a learning experience and it’s important to absorb as much as possible from each situation. Creativity is an ever-evolving characteristic and reinvention is important for anyone in the creative industry. As technology advances and industries make changes based on those advances, it’s important for you to adapt.

It’s not atypical to move to conflicting industries, each of which have uniquely different expectations, and the wider your scope of knowledge and experience, the better suited you are for all environments. Just like any good brand, employees stay on top of what’s out there – and what’s not out there.

Of course, you’re already unique and creative in your work. Just remember to channel that creativity into all aspects of your job searches and you’ll be able to thrive in a highly competitive, yet fulfilling industry.

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